Your boiler is an integral part of comfort in your home. When winter hits hard, the heat is needed to maintain temperature. In severely cold climates, this can also be a key part of safety. This is especially important for the very young and elderly. Boilers often need repairs or replacing early in the winter season. Safety can be enhanced by having your boiler checked before turning it on each year.

Call Early

You are likely to be met with a busy maintenance specialist if you wait until the first cold front to call for help. Call early to reserve an appointment well before you need to use the services. This annual check can help you discover what kind of shape your boiler is in. If the integrity of the unit has been compromised, your home could be at risk for catching fire.

Take Notice

You may notice some changes in the way your home is heating when your boiler is going bad. Call for boiler servicing in Newton Abbot if you notice any odd behaviour. Most companies can have the situation assessed the same day. Turn off the boiler immediately if you notice any of these symptoms.

  • Overheating
  • Strange noises
  • Failure to heat properly

Your boiler is a great help for keeping the entire family comfortable. It can be a safety hazard, however, if proper maintenance is not initiated. An annual check can help to reduce the risk of fire. It also ensures that your home is comfortable when the cold comes in.



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