Install Double Glazing in your Home

The harsh British climate demands that homeowners install effective insulation, in a bid to prevent valuable heat from escaping the home, and without double glazing, a lot of heat is lost through a single pane of glass. If you have yet to replace your windows, here are the top 3 reasons why you should.

  1. Massive Energy Savings– You might, for example, have effective loft and cavity wall insulation, yet the amount of heat that is lost through the glazed areas is considerable. There are top rated windows in Durham from an established supplier, and with their expertise and your design ideas, you can transform the look of your property. You can expect to save at least 40% on your winter fuel bill by installing double glazing.
  1. Even, Comfortable Temperatures– We all know how cold some corners of a room can get, and once you have replaced your windows with double glazed units, the interior of your home feel more comfortable, with no draughts or condensation.
  1. Improve Sound Insulation– Double glazing will greatly reduce the amount of exterior noise you can hear, and the neighbour’s dog or lawnmower will no longer be there in the background. This will help you to sleep and it is quite a shock at first when the windows have just been installed, to notice how quite things are.

If you would like to explore that many design possibilities that replacement windows can offer, call your local double glazing company and they will send someone to your house, where you can discuss the many options.


















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