Put a Fresh Coat of Paint on it

painter and decorator

When making a change to your home or office, it is important to know what kind of budget you are working with. There are definitely some who can afford a complete renovation or redesign, tearing out walls and fixtures along the way.

But for those who are on a bit of a budget, having a painter and decorator in Bromley can really make your budget go further. This means making smaller changes that have a larger impact while also taking up less of your time along the way.

Additional Decorative Services

Making a change in your Bromley home means different things to different people. Those changes can include things such as:

  • Clearance
  • Carpentry
  • Property maintenance
  • Decorating
  • Flooring

Whatever changes you are looking to implement, you can get them done in a timely and efficient manner. This means getting the changes that you need without having to break your budget to get them done.

Property Decoration

When you implement painting and decorative services in Bromley, you can get exactly what you had in mind, thanks to the vision of experienced decorators. This can mean painting a whole building or redecorating a single room. Whatever changes you had in mind, they can be made into a reality.

Best of all, these changes can happen on a tight budget. Making a change to one room can have a massive impact if done correctly and is something that those on a budget should take into consideration.



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A Guide to Selecting Curtains

A Guide to Selecting Curtains

If you have decided to replace those old curtains, there is much to consider, as the choices are indeed varied. Whatever else, avoid the temptation to buy standard size curtains, as each window is unique, and with a local curtains supplier in Gillingham who specialises in made to measure curtains, you can be sure that the units fit like a glove.

Choice of Fabric

Fabric choices are literally endless, and in order to select a material that will fall right, avoid anything too thick or too thin. One good idea is to fold the fabric in a concertina fashion, and while holding one edge at the very top of the window, allow the fabric to fall, which will give you a good indication of how the fabric will fall naturally. The following fabrics are well-suited for curtains:

  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Faux Silk
  • Velvet


Lining your curtains is recommended for several reasons; lining will help to block out more light, and lining acts as an insulator, helping to retain the heat in the cold winter months.


It is possible to have the curtains hung as far as 8 inches above the window, which will give the room an appearance of having a high ceiling, but this is really down to personal taste and is something to discuss with the curtain manufacturer.

There are many different curtain heading styles, and the best solution is to ask the manufacturer to pay you a home visit, where you can decide on the best heading style, among other things.

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Best Tools for Decorating Jobs

Best Tools for Decorating Jobs

Home decorating has never been so achievable an exercise to so many thanks to the huge range of products available. There is a bewildering array of tools, equipment and materials available and choosing the right ones for the job can be daunting. It helps to look at what a company such as such as Data Power Tools can offer before making choices.

In what follows we take a look at some of the best tools for decorating jobs.

Step ladders

Whether a property is old or new it’s highly likely there will be some areas that need to be accessed that are beyond unaided reach. A step ladder can be invaluable in dealing with work beyond comfortable reach. Choosing the right step ladder means assessing the kind of work it is to be used for. One that can be used on flat and uneven surfaces such as stairs and that is light and easily moved will be a good investment for most people.

Rollers and brushes

There are basically two options with rollers and brushes: cheap ones that can be thrown away after a job is completed, or more expensive that can be cleaned and kept for future use. Rollers come in sets, individually, and in large small and medium sizes. The job will dictate the appropriate size and the individual can decide on how much to spend. Roller refills can be bought so that the handle and mechanism can be kept, reducing cost. There are various types of roller for different types of paint. Cheap brushes can be used once and disposed of, but care should be taken when choosing because very poor quality brushes are liable to shed strands and spoil work.

Paint trays

Again these are available in many options and prices. What can prove economical is a sturdy reusable paint tray that can be fitted with a thin, disposable inner tray. These can be thrown away after a job reducing the need for clean-up and preserving the sturdy main tray.

Wallpapering tools

For most jobs, scissors, wallpaper brush for pasting, tape measure and a surface to paste the paper on will be enough. Others may choose to have a plumb line, which can be a piece of string with a weighted end, a sharp knife and a dedicated wallpapering table. A sponge is useful for smoothing paper after hanging, and there are rollers available to flatten joins.


Sanding is often essential, especially with doors, windows and other wooden surfaces. There are two options for sanding: by hand or using a power tool. Power sanders are available in different types and sizes. Sandpaper for manual sanding is available in differing grades from fine to coarse. again, budget is for the individual to decide but cheap sandpaper may fall apart after little use.

Other tools

There are other tools that can help in decorating. Pliers are useful for removing picture hanging pins or nails. Screwdrivers are mandatory. Filler and suitable tools for applying it can also be essential.

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Quality Curtains Made for Your Home

Quality Curtains Made for Your Home

Your home might have all the furniture it needs as well as beautiful flooring and personal touches. Yet, without curtains, the room just doesn’t feel complete. You can improve the look of a room with gorgeous curtains fit to your exact window measurements. Quality fabrics and customised service can help you create a new haven to come home to!

A Personal Touch

Check out your expert bespoke curtains supplier in Wallingford and they will walk you through a consultation process to understand your needs. Not just any curtains or drapes will do; the measurements, fabric, and style affect the entire room’s mood. Think about the way you want to feel when you walk into your living room or bedroom. This is the first part of creating a vision that you can share with the experts. A consultation with them will get things started as you discuss plans and designs. They can help with:

  • Curtain measurements
  • Fabric choice
  • Headings and pleats
  • Linings and interlinings

Completing the Look

The initial consultation is the time to express your desires and any questions you have about the process. The professionals will walk you through your options as well as any recommendations they may have. Some decisions include whether or not to have a lining as well as what type of heading you want. Pleats, eyelets, and wave headings are each distinct features to consider. Another important decision is the fabric as it can complement your furniture and flooring or clash with it. Fortunately, an expert consultation can give you not only a quote but also valuable advice.



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Expert Painting and Decorating: The Results You Want and Deserve


The key to living the good life in a beautiful home starts at the beginning of the process, with careful planning and discussions that include experts in decorating, painting, and all the associated elements. When you are starting a new build or have ideas for an extensive renovation, you’d be wise to bring in professionals who can help with residential and commercial projects, as well as special tasks that can make your home, or one area of it, unique.

Customer First

This is a promise made by many companies, but delivered by only a select few. When you start working with the expert Wiltshire painters and decorators close to you, you’ll find their customer service goes far beyond a promise. You benefit from:

  • Work completed on time, every time
  • Outstanding communication between you and the professionals
  • Reduced/eliminated disruption to your life during the project
  • Careful attention to safety and health details
  • Complete satisfaction
  • Continued communication after the project is completed

There’s More

If you bring specialists in for a residential project, you can rely on getting results of the highest quality, thanks to outstanding workmanship and the use of the best materials, always. Commercial clients receive the same individual attention, with special effort to avoid disruption of business. When you work with the leaders, you can rely on your project being finished on time and on budget.

Naturally, when you hire the leaders in decorating and painting, your special project is going to be something to be proud of. After all, you’re working with professionals who have produced outstanding results on listed buildings, period properties, and some of the most beautiful structures around.



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This Is Why Chimney Sweeping Services Are Important

Chimney Sweeping

There is truly nothing like an open fireplace in a home. Just imagine settling down in front of a crackling fire on a dark and windy night in the depths of wintertime. It’s warm, cosy, romantic, and endlessly fascinating to stare into the licking and leaping flames. A fireplace also requires plenty of care and maintenance, including periodically cleaning out the chimney. If you don’t know about a flueologist then visit and get all the information about him and his services.

Why Use a Chimney Sweeping Service?

The best chimney sweep services in Stoke-On-Trent can tell you that it is critical to keep a chimney clean and clear for the following reasons:

  • Fire risk:As a fire burns, it deposits ash, soot, and a by-product called creosote on the inside walls of the chimney. As the creosote builds up, it can actually catch on fire and cause a chimney fire. This is not only dangerous to the property, but can also cause injury or worse to the people inside the home.
  • Carbon monoxide:As a chimney becomes more and more clogged up, it becomes less efficient at removing the smoke from the open fire. As a result, carbon monoxide gas can build up inside the room and the home. This can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and other symptoms.

Always Use a Professional

Chimney sweeps may seem quaint or even outdated, but the fact is that cleaning out a chimney is an essential service for anyone with a working fireplace. A chimney sweep can reduce creosote, reduce the risk of fire, reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, and get rid of any animals, nests and other debris inside the chimney.

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How to Change the Look of Your Staircase


Your staircase is an important feature in your home, it connects the upper and lower portions of your premises, so it must be kept in good condition both aesthetically and practically. If you think your staircase is looking a bit old and weary, maybe it is time to revitalise the area. Here are some easy ways to change the appearance of your staircase.

Transform the Staircase & Add Balustrades

The last thing you want to happen in your home is someone injuring themselves on your staircase, it is vital that you install a feature which is designed to protect people from going up and down your staircase. Older adults and kids are vulnerable when using stairs, if you don’t install the right features you put them at risk of hurting themselves, if your home is based in Western Australia, you should think about contacting companies who install stair glass balustrades in Perth and the surrounding areas. Installing a new feature such as the one mentioned above is one of the best ways of avoiding any accidents in your home. Glass balustrades are designed to keep people safe when using the staircase, they also improve visibility and look great once installed.

Install New Floor Boards

One of the most annoying things about having an old staircase is the noise you hear when someone steps on the floorboards. Even when you are fast asleep in your room, you get woken up by a member of your household walking up and down your staircase. It is even worse at night when you are trying to get some sleep, you want your floorboards to be able to take the weight of an individual without squeaking every time someone treads on them. If you want to eliminate that annoying sound, you should consider installing new floor boards.

Fresh New Paint Job

Nothing revitalises your staircase like a new paint job, a new colour can completely transform this area and bring your staircase back to life. Paint also helps to maintain the structure, making it more solid and less likely to break under pressure. If you’ve noticed the paint on your staircase as begun to peel and fall away, why not sand down the area and apply a fresh coat of paint. Your staircase should be painted at least twice a year to help maintain the structure, it also makes your home look better and more visually appealing to visitors.

Install Lighting Features

One great way of transforming the appearance of your home is to install new lighting features, lights can be used to highlight the colour and design features of your staircase. They are great at creating a certain ambiance and they cost very little to install.

There are numerous great ways to transform your staircase, from installing stair glass balustrades to using exciting new lighting features, each one will help you to change a dull, boring staircase into a noticeable, stylish feature. Don’t be afraid to get creative and design something which is truly unique.

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5 Tips To Make Your Home More Stylish This Christmas


As Christmas is on its way, it is now time to start thinking about how to get your home looking stylish and cosy for the festive season. It is a good idea to begin getting your home ready now for Christmas, rather than leaving it till last minute when you have many more chores to do (such as the Christmas shopping!) Follow these 5 tips to make your home ready for the Christmas season.


You should begin making your home looking stylish and fab this Christmas by having a good old de-clutter. Clear away all that old junk that you have collected through the year. By clearing out all the clutter from your home, your home will begin to feel more fresh.


As you want your home looking extra stylish this festive season ready for all your ‘unexpected’ visitors, a great idea is to add a bit of sparkle and character to your home by getting some great accessories. I have not good enough evidence as it is coming up to Christmas you are going to be on a bit of a budget. Instead of forking out loads of cash on brand new furniture, it may be worth just getting some great new accessories for your home instead! If your settee is looking a bit old and tired, you can add a beautiful throw to it and some matching cushions. Not only will it make your sofa look fab but it will also be extra cosy for the winter!


The lighting to a room can make a huge difference to the overall feel to it. You should get some lovely tea light candles which also have a beautiful scent and gorgeous tea light candle holders to match your extra furnishings. Place these around the room and you can then dim the lights, this will give a lovely magical feeling coming up to Christmas.


With Christmas so close, it may be a bit too late to consider getting new flooring, but if you really wanted to impress your friends and family you could buy a fabulous new rug. You can buy a rug to place in front of the fire and it will look amazing this winter. Choose a rug which will go nicely with your more furnishings in your home.


Whether you are hosting your own mini Christmas party at your home or you just wanted to be ready for all your visitors, it is extremely important that you have enough furniture for everyone to sit on. Your dining room should be the main place where you host to your visitors, so get some great new furniture which you can store away until Christmas.

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Concrete Decoration


When many homeowners think about paving spaces around their home, they may be concerned about the drab appearance that gray concrete will have with their home’s curb appeal. There are many ways to dress-up and decorate concrete, as well as many practical reasons why concrete is a prudent paving option. Besides keeping the terrain smooth and clean, concrete also curbs the dust and dirt that can find its way into the home. Concrete is a practical solution, and the following tips may make it a bit more exciting when installing pavement around the home:


Stamping Concrete:

Concrete paving contractors can actually imprint designs, textures, and images onto the wet concrete before it dries. This brings an ornamental effect to the space, and also adds an important textural component to the smooth concrete surface. This will help to prevent any incidental slips or falls when the concrete is wet or slick. The stamped feature may replicate something like flagstone or brick, or it may be a design that implements the homeowner’s initials or monogram. Whatever option you decide to go with, stamped concrete is one solution to making ordinary concrete into something artistic and beautiful.

Dyeing Concrete:

Another approach to giving concrete some pizzazz is through dyeing it. This may be done to compliment the colors of the home’s exterior, or it may be something flashy to give a sharp contrast and unique look. This involves the contractor adding tints to the concrete mixture so it is something that can be done by the same professionals that are installing your paved spaces. Asking about these options should occur early enough to allow the contractor time to get the particular tints and dyes for the job, and may require slightly longer drying times or installation so keep this in mind, as well.

Unique Pavers:

Why not go all-out when paving the areas around the home? One strategy might be to off-set the concrete surfaces with some clever and unique pavers. These can be cast in concrete, and set directly in the soil to accent the concrete pavement, or to lead away from it, such as for paths or walkways. One way that this is achieved is to slather ordinary items, such as leaves or fronds with wet concrete. Allow these to dry fully before peeling the foliage away. The end-result is a distinct paving stone that may be joined with others to create a complimentary path from the door to the garage, or to meander through the yard. Any place that you decide to install these stones, the result will be a nice contrast to your smooth concrete driveway.

Tile with Tinted Grout:

Try bordering your concrete driveway or space with tiles for a finished, unique look. These may be set on top of the concrete using some tinted grout to compliment and match the concrete according to what you want the end-result to be. While tile is not practical for paving an entire parking lot or driveway, it is an excellent way to border or accent a simple paved space, and brings an ornamental detail that can improve curb appeal of the overall property.

There is no need to settle for plain, ordinary concrete when you are looking to spruce-up the exteriors of your home. Ask concrete contractors about stamping, dyeing, and tiling options to find something suited to both your tastes and the overall surroundings of your specific home.

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Making your bedroom fit your personality isn’t a matter of choosing and duplicating a particular style 18th century. Victorian, or Bauhaus modern, for example, but of putting things together to reflect your personal decorative attitude. How formal or casual are you? Do you like to surround yourself with cozy clutter or do you prefer to display only a few objects in more artistic, gallery-like fashion?

Formal or Casual? Take this Pillow Pop Quiz

To visualize how different attitudes affect decorating choices imagine for a moment a sofa toped with a pile of pillows – some matching and some not and ask yourself how you’d edit and arrange them.


  • Formality and symmetry go together. Would you pick two matching toss pillows and place one at the end of the sofa? If so you lean toward formality.
  • Casual calls for asymmetrical balance. Would you be likely to place a large pillow at one end of the sofa and two or three smaller ones at the other? And would your fabric choices probably be pattern-free neutrals? If you answered yes, you are the casual type.
  • Slick means paring down. Would you toss out all but one or two exquisitely shaped, handcrafted pillows, or perhaps eliminate the toss pillows entirely for a cleaner look? If so, you lean toward slick, minimal schemes.
  • Eclectic means mixing styles – as long as they are equally formal or casual. Would you group pillows covered in mismatched but color-keyed fabrics – say, blue striped pillows with some in blue and white patchwork quilt fabrics? If you would, you are the eclectic type.

Don’t be hemmed in by decorating attitude labels; few people fall exactly within the bounds of one category. Instead, relax and use this information as a guide not only in arranging such things as pillows but also in choosing and arranging major bedroom furnishings. By knowing your attitude and using the following tips, you can create a bedroom that comforts you and your eye.

If you prefer formality, you simply won’t feel at ease unless you center the bed along a wall or between two windows then flank it with matched lamps and tables.

If you are more casual, you may feel distinctly uncomfortable with such symmetry. Try moving the bed to one side of the room or place it on an angle in a corner. Then balance the off-center bed with a storage piece, reading chair and lamp, or bold artwork.

If you lean toward slick minimalism, you won’t relax unless you pare down. Start with a bold bed, then add a handful of well-designed accents. Provide plenty of closed storage to keep clutter to a minimum.

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