How to Change the Look of Your Staircase


Your staircase is an important feature in your home, it connects the upper and lower portions of your premises, so it must be kept in good condition both aesthetically and practically. If you think your staircase is looking a bit old and weary, maybe it is time to revitalise the area. Here are some easy ways to change the appearance of your staircase.

Transform the Staircase & Add Balustrades

The last thing you want to happen in your home is someone injuring themselves on your staircase, it is vital that you install a feature which is designed to protect people from going up and down your staircase. Older adults and kids are vulnerable when using stairs, if you don’t install the right features you put them at risk of hurting themselves, if your home is based in Western Australia, you should think about contacting companies who install stair glass balustrades in Perth and the surrounding areas. Installing a new feature such as the one mentioned above is one of the best ways of avoiding any accidents in your home. Glass balustrades are designed to keep people safe when using the staircase, they also improve visibility and look great once installed.

Install New Floor Boards

One of the most annoying things about having an old staircase is the noise you hear when someone steps on the floorboards. Even when you are fast asleep in your room, you get woken up by a member of your household walking up and down your staircase. It is even worse at night when you are trying to get some sleep, you want your floorboards to be able to take the weight of an individual without squeaking every time someone treads on them. If you want to eliminate that annoying sound, you should consider installing new floor boards.

Fresh New Paint Job

Nothing revitalises your staircase like a new paint job, a new colour can completely transform this area and bring your staircase back to life. Paint also helps to maintain the structure, making it more solid and less likely to break under pressure. If you’ve noticed the paint on your staircase as begun to peel and fall away, why not sand down the area and apply a fresh coat of paint. Your staircase should be painted at least twice a year to help maintain the structure, it also makes your home look better and more visually appealing to visitors.

Install Lighting Features

One great way of transforming the appearance of your home is to install new lighting features, lights can be used to highlight the colour and design features of your staircase. They are great at creating a certain ambiance and they cost very little to install.

There are numerous great ways to transform your staircase, from installing stair glass balustrades to using exciting new lighting features, each one will help you to change a dull, boring staircase into a noticeable, stylish feature. Don’t be afraid to get creative and design something which is truly unique.

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