3 Situations That Might Lead To Blocked Drains On Your Property In The UK.

Blocked Drains On Your Property

Being the owner of your own home comes with a lot of responsibilities and these responsibilities take time, energy and money to undertake. It involves the constant upkeep and due to the wet UK weather, we need to take steps to insure that our property doesn’t flood. We put guttering on our roofs to catch the rain and direct it into the drains, but sometimes there are issues with the drains and the water cannot drain away by itself. You would think that the drains are the responsibility of your local council, but any drains installed by them on your property, are your responsibility.

If you are having issues, then you need to search for the best blocked drains services in Torquay who will come out to your home and address your drainage issues for you. There are a number of situations that might cause a blockage.

  1. If you have kids in the house, then they are going to flush all manner of things down the toilet and this leads to blockages in the sewage line. Trying a plunger might work, but if it isn’t for moving then you need to contact the experts.
  2. In the UK, we don’t have a garbage disposal beneath the sink and so any leftover food on plates is scraped into the sink and so goes down the plug hole. If a lot of this food is fatty, then it is going to harden and block the sink drain.
  3. Similarly, the shower and the bath are used regularly and skin and hair are going to congregate in the pipes and lead to blockages as well.

However, as with any blockage, it can be addressed by these blocked drain service companies which allows life to continue on as before.







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