Compelling Facts about Plumbing and the Truth about Your Local Pros


The basis of the word plumbing is rooted in early iterations of Latin – specifically the word plumbum, which basically translates to “lead conduit.” This makes perfect sense when considering the metallic composition of contemporary pipework, but it also lends credence to the idea that plumbing is an ancient, time-honoured concept.

In this regard, the Roman Empire is credited with erecting the first widespread aqueduct network, and their civil engineers actually used to imprint distinctive engravings into their lead pipes to deter theft.

21st Century Plumbing and Piping

The plumbing trade has developed and progressed substantially since the fall of the Roman Empire, but here are some cut and dry facts regarding the pipes, tubes, cylinders, and appliances that most of us take for granted:

  • Somewhere between 28% to 38% of UK domestic water usage comes from flushing the toilet, but this rate can be cut in half by converting to low-flush appliances in all of your lavatories.
  • Decreasing your water heater to 52°C will help you avoid scalding yourself and it will also help moderate your boiler usage bills.
  • Assuming a lifespan of 75 years, the average UK citizen will sit on the toilet for approximately 36 months in total.

Furthermore, you should know that a dripping or trickling faucet can satiate a 16 ounce water bottle in less than 25 minutes, which swells up to a budget crushing 190 gallons every 30 days.

Prudent Plumbing Advice

It is in your best interests to set a bi-annual reminder to call your local plumbers in Barking.

However, you should immediately schedule a survey if it has been more than two years since you last cleared your drains, tightened your spouts, and assessed your boiler’s efficiency. Just make sure that your contractor operates under a fixed-price scheme and not situational estimates.



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