Best Tools for Decorating Jobs

Best Tools for Decorating Jobs

Home decorating has never been so achievable an exercise to so many thanks to the huge range of products available. There is a bewildering array of tools, equipment and materials available and choosing the right ones for the job can be daunting. It helps to look at what a company such as such as Data Power Tools can offer before making choices.

In what follows we take a look at some of the best tools for decorating jobs.

Step ladders

Whether a property is old or new it’s highly likely there will be some areas that need to be accessed that are beyond unaided reach. A step ladder can be invaluable in dealing with work beyond comfortable reach. Choosing the right step ladder means assessing the kind of work it is to be used for. One that can be used on flat and uneven surfaces such as stairs and that is light and easily moved will be a good investment for most people.

Rollers and brushes

There are basically two options with rollers and brushes: cheap ones that can be thrown away after a job is completed, or more expensive that can be cleaned and kept for future use. Rollers come in sets, individually, and in large small and medium sizes. The job will dictate the appropriate size and the individual can decide on how much to spend. Roller refills can be bought so that the handle and mechanism can be kept, reducing cost. There are various types of roller for different types of paint. Cheap brushes can be used once and disposed of, but care should be taken when choosing because very poor quality brushes are liable to shed strands and spoil work.

Paint trays

Again these are available in many options and prices. What can prove economical is a sturdy reusable paint tray that can be fitted with a thin, disposable inner tray. These can be thrown away after a job reducing the need for clean-up and preserving the sturdy main tray.

Wallpapering tools

For most jobs, scissors, wallpaper brush for pasting, tape measure and a surface to paste the paper on will be enough. Others may choose to have a plumb line, which can be a piece of string with a weighted end, a sharp knife and a dedicated wallpapering table. A sponge is useful for smoothing paper after hanging, and there are rollers available to flatten joins.


Sanding is often essential, especially with doors, windows and other wooden surfaces. There are two options for sanding: by hand or using a power tool. Power sanders are available in different types and sizes. Sandpaper for manual sanding is available in differing grades from fine to coarse. again, budget is for the individual to decide but cheap sandpaper may fall apart after little use.

Other tools

There are other tools that can help in decorating. Pliers are useful for removing picture hanging pins or nails. Screwdrivers are mandatory. Filler and suitable tools for applying it can also be essential.

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