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3 Types Of Skips Currently Available For Home Or Business Use.

3 Types Of Skips

As we go through life, we accumulate a lot of stuff and much of it becomes obsolete or out of fashion and there is no need to hold on to it any more. It’s always best to have a clear out and rid yourself of such things because clutter makes life far too complicated. Thankfully, getting rid of it all is less complicated and all it takes is a quick phone call, some expert advice and there is a skip bin outside your home or business in no time at all. When it’s full, they come and take it away. It really is that simple.

For those of you who think that it is an unnecessary and high expense, you would be wrong because skip hire prices in Wolverhampton are very affordable and this is a very popular way to dispose of your rubbish responsibly. They offer a few types of different skips.

  1. First, there is the mini skip which is a 2 yard skip useful for small places like your garden or workshop. It’s big enough to throw garden waste like grass cuttings and branches from pruning.
  2. Then there is the midi skip which is a 4 yard skip if you happen to have a bigger than normal garden. It is also suitable for a business to dispose of unwanted paper and office equipment.
  3. Lastly, is the builder industry standard skip and this one has drop down doors for easy access and loading. It makes life just a little easier for the building contractor and safer as well.

Whatever your needs, your local skip hire company is sure to have something that meets your general requirements.









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