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3 Typical Pests That May Decide To Set Up Home, In Or Around Your Property In The UK.

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There is nothing worse than a close family member turning up on your doorstep without any notice and expecting to stay there a few days. Firstly, it is inconsiderate of them and secondly, you may not have the room or you are not prepared for it. Either way, it is not something that people should do and we are aware of the unwritten rules regarding this situation. However, when it comes to animals, birds and insects, they don’t follow the rules and if they want to come stay in your home, they won’t ask first.

There are a number of critters that may decide to set up home in your home and this is when you need  experienced pest control in Wakefield to take care of the problems for you. Here are a few situations when you may need to call out the pest control.

  1. Pigeons are a nightmare when they decide that they want to set up home on your roof. They are noisy, smelly and carry all sorts of diseases. They also leave their droppings on your roof, which are corrosive and will eventually damage your tiles.
  2. Rats and mice scurrying around in your roof space are not only annoying, but they can chew through wires and plasterboard with ease. This will cost you money to repair.
  3. Wasps and bees set up home wherever they like and they also sting as well. It is best to get the professionals in to move them and keep you and your family safe.

For all your pest issues, call out your local pest control and let them deal with the problem humanely and safely.

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