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If you are building your dream home, or would like to replace your existing driveway with something better, there are several materials that can be used to build a driveway. Here is a brief rundown of the most popular driveway materials that are used in the United Kingdom today.

  1. Block Paving – Perhaps the most popular of all, block paving is a fit and forget solution that will give you many years of trouble-free use, and when you look at some of the driveway pavers in Croydon, you can see the wide range of designs and finishes. Once installed, the surface can withstand very heavy loads, and all it needs to be clean is a power wash every now and then.
  2. Coloured Concrete – There are endless colour choices, and by using special hand tools, you can create some unique finishes. Very durable, once the area has been prepared and timber inserted around the edges, the ready mixed concrete can be poured into the area, and with a little trowelling, the driveway will set overnight and can be used the following day.
  3. Natural Paving Slabs – Granite or marble make for s stunning finish, and while this might be more expensive than man made pavers, they will last for many years. Finishing can be very varied, depending on the stone used, and the supplier would have a wealth of experience installing natural paving driveways.
  4. Tarmac – Still a firm favourite for many UK homeowners, tarmac needs to be thick enough to ensure the driveway will not crack, and out of all the possible materials, tarmac is probably the cheapest solution of all.

Whatever you choose, make sure the supplier has a lot of experience installing driveways, and with a long warranty, you will have peace of mind.

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