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As an Business Owner, you face a unique and exciting set of challenges when it comes to breaking into the international marketplace. With the costs of living and doing business in this country ever increasing, it can be difficult to compete with manufacturers like China and Indonesia. Many businesses have been forced to import their supplies and tools from elsewhere in order to do business, making the cost of production even higher. Fortunately, there are now partners in place that allow you to buy your supplies, tools, and other business needs within Australia. While this may seem like an added expense, working with local business groups has made the process more cost effective than ever.


What Is a Business Group?

A business group brings together businesses that provide unique services within the same field and unites them under one organization. Each business is still owned and operated by the original owner, but as part of a group, it now helps unify a standard of doing business within that field. Members of a business group operate under the same policies and have open communication with each one another. Because they have a single overarching business plan, they often share marketing and publicity budgets. By pooling them together, a business group can have one large advertising campaign rather than separate, smaller ones. This keeps the industry message focused. They may also agree on pricing and stock one another’s products in their shops.

How Can Buying Your Tools from a Group Help Your Business?

Time: Let’s say, as of now, you purchase your tools from overseas. They are cheaper, but take a long time to arrive via boat or plane. Sometimes the tools you order are not the tools that arrive, or they are shoddily made. You send them back and start the process all over again. This can be an enormous drain on productivity. With a group, you worry about international shipping no more. Even if the manufacturer of your desired tool is halfway across the country, they have partner stores near to you. This means that you can get your tools quickly. And if there is a problem with the shipment, rather than mailing it thousands of miles away to be fixed, you can simply walk into your local shop for a solution.

Money: Aside from saving on shipping, a group can save you money on your tool purchase, largely in part because of its size. The bigger the group of businesses, the more power they have in setting competitive pricing. With lower overall pricing combined with smaller shipping costs, you end up saving money by buying domestically made tools. The time saved is also money saved, because there is no lost productivity!

Buying domestic for a small business only makes sense; by putting money into your local and national economy, you will reap the benefits in reciprocal business. Keeping earnings and profits by purchasing your tools manufacturers means more staying power when it comes to getting your products out into the international market, not to mention your local one.

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