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How Do I Know When it is Time to Replace My Boiler?

Replace My Boiler

The boiler is a critical component of your central heating system and it does require regular servicing on order to work at optimum levels. Like any other complex component, a boiler has a lifespan, and should your boiler be nearing the end of its life, the heating engineer would recommend a replacement.  

Professional Expertise

If the worst happens and your boiler is nearing the end of its life, there are companies that offer expert boiler replacement in Blackheath and surrounding areas, and the modern boiler is very energy efficient, which should result in lower fuel bills. Much like an old car, you have to draw the line with boiler repairs at some point, and when the heating engineer carries out the annual central heating service, he will inform you if the boiler needs to be replaced.  

Potential Boiler Issues

The following problems can occur with a domestic heating boiler:

  • Low Pressure – This will cause the heating to malfunction, and replacing the seal might work, although with an old boiler, it would probably be better to simply replace the boiler.
  • Boiler Turns Itself Off – This is usually caused by low pressure, which could be the result of a faulty pump, or silt obstructing the flow of the water. An old boiler might exhibit such behaviour, and the heating engineer would be able to accurately diagnose the cause.
  • Leaking Boiler– A faulty pressure seal or a leaking joint would be the reasons for a leak, and this can be repaired if the boiler is still in good condition, but an old boiler should be replaced.

With regular boiler servicing, the heating engineer will tell you if he thinks your boiler should be replaced, and he would be able to recommend a suitable make and model as a replacement.

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