Classy is a term that was first used by a magazine named as The World of Interiors. It became popular in 1990s through the US as it was linked to a specific design and style of interior decoration. Not only the interior decoration, this type of art and design is also linked to clothing, fashion and writing and everything that is visible even the handwriting.

Today, everyone wants to adopt the classy style in their clothing, furniture, interior etc. whenever we hear the term classy, we think about antique, retro or vintage. Yes, this style is basically the antique or the vintage style but remember you need to modify it to look more shabby than cheap.


You need to create a touch of modernism and uniqueness in it so that it looks decent and great. Market is full of vintage accessories like classy beddings, vintage furniture, old floral clothes etc. but you need to choose between them wisely.

Decorating the house in winters is easier as you can stuff in as many things as you want. The huge Victorian style furniture makes it look cozy, Congested and warm; however, in summer you need to keep in mind several things while decorating your home in retro style. Here is a piece of information that will help you.

Nice selection of colors

Shabby is all about how you play with colors. Color selection is very important in creating the antique yet decent look. In summers, you need to select light colors. Prefer soft shades like cyan, pink, beige etc. on the walls, curtains and other furniture to be placed around.

Soft colors will create cool ambiance in winters. Bright colors like purple, orange and green will spoil the ambiance you want to create. The more you are careful about the blend of colors, the more perfection you will gain.

Make it look airy

Summers need to be cool. Make your room look airy by creating more spaces. Putting up old big flowered cloth as a curtain will not work until you free up some space from your window side.

Mostly, Victorian style furniture is used to create the old shabby style but there is a disadvantage of that in summers. The huge furniture consumes more space giving off a congested view. This really does not go with summers. Try to light up the room by getting off the extra things.

Keep the beddings light

There are many classy beds out there in the market. They look absolutely stunning as they completely change the appearance of your entire room. You need to wisely select between them. Select with the one sheet only.

Stuffing your bed with the double sheet and a quilt and again a decorative cover on the top of it will look like clumsy. Keep it plain, you can use the flowered cloth or the old style chairs to add the shabby taste to the room.

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