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The Benefits Of A Stainless Steel Wire Rope Balustrade


We have all seen glass balustrades in offices and home, but we never really think about alternatives to this, like a stainless steel wire rope balustrade. This type of balustrade gives us a very modern and beautiful alternative to traditional materials like glass. A wire railing is great for making your old decks look current and looks fantastic on a new build. By choosing to use a wire rope balustrade, you are opening yourself up to a vast array of new looks.

Unimpeded Views.

If there is a fantastic view from your home or even a hotel you are staying in, a glass balustrade can sometimes spoil the view, as there is glare on the glass from the sun, or the glass in just old and dirty. When you use wire rope balustrades, the view is almost totally uninterrupted and you get to enjoy the maximum view.  For you animal lovers out there, sometimes glass balustrades are not seen by birds and so can cause them to fly into it, and we don’t want that. Wire balustrades don’t have this issue.

Horizonal And Vertical.

When installing your wire balustrade, the horizontal wire rope railing is the most popular, but vertical railings also offer a new look with attractive results. Choosing what direction you would like the wire to go in, can be easily adjusted and changed  by your installer with a swaging tool, and no matter what you choose, you will have the modern look of elegance and style. Your specification requirements may be influenced by building regulations or climate, but generally, you can get most wire balustrades installed, conforming to your own personal tastes.

Alternative Looks.

Wood posting has become very popular in both homes and businesses as they provide a great sense of warmth and nature to your decking. You can choose a wooden post that matches your decking, or you can go crazy, and mix and match them for an alternative look. Using metal posts with your stainless steel balustrade is a great choice, and offers a minimalistic look and feel to the railing. The choice of posts is up to you but, depending on where you live and the weather there, you may be better choosing posts that can withstand the elements and keep their looks with minimum maintenance.


There are a number of things to consider when installing, and these include the tension of the cable, the spacing you require between the posts, and the width of the cable. You may have to install specific materials to match the climate in which you are in, but generally there is still room to impose your personal preferences. Having a stainless steel rope balustrade requires the minimum of maintenance, with only the occasional tightening here and there, and because it is steel, it will maintain its good looks for many years to come.

Using stainless steel remains the popular choice due to its ability to not rust easily. When installing your wire rope balustrade, you are insuring an elegant feature that is both very strong, and of the best quality there is. Look into installing a wire rope balustrade today, you won’t regret it.

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