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The Benefits of Remodelling Your Kitchen in 2018


As we all know, the kitchen symbolises the heart of any home, but it’s important to note that the kitchen also represents the heart of any renovation plan in today’s day and age. This brief editorial will explain why.

A Surprisingly High Return on Your Initial Investment

Four in every 10 homebuyers believe that the kitchen is the most integral area to evaluate during the research phase, due in large part to the facts and figures shown below:

  • Even a minor kitchen augmentation, such as replacing your cabinets or building a new pantry, can net an ROI of 80% or more.
  • This means that a typical €20,000 project will boost your property’s market value by at least €16,000 and considerably enhance your homeowner’s equity along the way.
  • In comparison to other prominent home improvement options, such as pool installations and re-roofing projects, for instance, kitchen upgrades are able to retain their full value for much longer, oftentimes up to 10 years and beyond.

To put it simply, the decision to reinvest some money back into your kitchen is a lucrative, worthwhile endeavour irrespective of the size or scope of the renovation.

A Wide Range of Customisable Options

The best building services in Frome are able to facilitate comprehensive kitchen refurbishments irrespective of your home’s theme, age, or construct:

  • Contemporary fittings, appliances, extractors, and dishwashers
  • Bespoke flooring solutions, tiling installations, countertops, and other integral inclusions
  • Luxuriant features such as underfloor heating systems, televisions, and utility islands
  • Robust cabinetry options, joinery implements, and design elements
  • Distinctive lighting solutions and electrical features

With a highly trained team of designers, architects, construction specialists, and other resourceful contractors at their disposal, your local building firm represents a one-stop shop for all of your home improvement needs. Be sure to schedule a site visit as soon as possible.


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