A considerable amount of garbage and trash is produced in local companies, so it’s vitally important that you hire a garbage cleaning company to get rid of all the trash that is produced from the factory. If large amounts of trash are produced, you will need to find a decent company that offers recycling and waste disposal services. If the trash continues to accumulate outside the house for longer periods of time, it could prove to be a serious environmental hazard. Most companies that offer trash collection services usually provide a range of other services, including;

  • Industrial waste handling
  • Trash recycling
  • House clearance
  • Office clearance

With several companies now offering low cost rubbish clearance services in Greenwich, you have to take your time and evaluate your options first. Here are a few tips for hiring a rubbish clearance provider.


The first and most important thing that you need to check is the price charged by the company. You can ask for quotes from multiple providers in the area to find out how much they charge for their rubbish clearance services. There’s no need to spend more than necessary on rubbish clearance, so it’s best if you keep your costs low.


Most rubbish clearance companies will ask you to provide a specific date and time for the pickup. You need to make sure that the company sticks to the schedule and is punctual with the pick-up. If they fail to pick-up the garbage on time, you might want to look for another firm.



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