Cleaning the Home

Winter is almost over, and there’s no better time to clean the home from top to bottom, and once you have opened the windows and let some fresh air in, the clean house is ready for the summer. If you are thinking of a spring clean soon, here are some tips to help make short work of the annual spring clean.

  1. Work Methodically – Rather than attacking the nearest room, you should clean room by room, starting with the ceilings and working down to the floor. Once the room is clean and all the dustsheets have been removed, the room is ready for cheap carpet cleaning services Cheltenham.
  2. Have the Right Equipment – You will need; brooms, dustpans, mops, buckets, cleaning solutions, a wad of soft, dry cloth and lots of black bin liners. A pair of steps is essential to reach the ceilings, all of which have to be dusted thoroughly. Hiring a skip is a good idea, as there will be waste, of that you can be sure.
  1. Deep Clean the Carpets – Once everything has been cleaned and is looking like a new pin, you can call in your local carpet cleaning company who will deep clean, which leaves the carpets smelling fresh and looking spotlessly clean.
  2. Choose a Dry Weekend – If the weather allows, you can put furniture in the garden, which makes the cleaning that much easier, and with no rain on the horizon, you can expect to finish a two storey house in two days.

Once your home has been spring cleaned, it will brighten up the whole family and get you ready for the long, hot summer that is just round the corner.







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