5 Landscaping tips for commercial properties

When you are thinking about landscaping for commercial properties you need to think about what sells.  This will be completely different to how you view landscaping for your own home garden.  First impressions count and if your client sees brown patches of grass or dead flowers and weeds they are more than likely not going to use your business.  Think about how you would judge a business on its exterior.  If they don’t take care of their lawn and gardens, then they most probably cut corners elsewhere in their business.  Here are 5 landscaping tips for commercial properties.

  1. Look for the plants that are not doing well or need to be trimmed. Think about if you have too many decorative plants or not enough.  Would you like to add shrubs as they fill spaces, and many are there all year, throughout the various seasons.  Adding colour in your plants is another way to give your landscape a different feel.
  2. According to Andrew from Rubaroc Safety Surfaces “Hardscaping are man-made features that are included in a landscape design.   This could be a patio area, a wall, walkway etc.  Some are made from concrete, stone and others even from wood, metal or rubber paving.  Some places are decorative, and some are a space available for employees to relax.  Outdoor seating, a patio area or even a games area can be a good idea for employees to be able to have an outdoor area to relax on their breaks.”  These can be used for all seasons too and can be a relatively low maintenance area to look after. You could also add a bench on the porch of your commercial property.  Clients will love this part of your business on a nice sunny day.
  3. If you have a lawn make sure it looks green and lush. You don’t want brown grass or bald patches in it.  Make sure it is looking superb and regularly cut in the summer time.  Edging it up will give a clearer defined professional look.
  4. Paving is a great low maintenance way of making the use of your commercial property space. Slip resistant paving such as Rubapave is very durable and has great benefits for commercial properties.  It is also free draining, so water will not reside on the top of it making it easy for people to slip over.  You can use this on a variety of commercial properties, including golf courses and even driveways too.  This will give your property a very professional finish and will reduce costs as it is no maintenance, so it will look after itself.  It is great for all weathers so no matter what the season is your landscape on your commercial property will always have a professional look.
  5. Lighting is something most people over look. Light fixings can be added to your business outside to add a touch of elegance and character.  You can illuminate the aspects of the landscape of your commercial property that you wish to draw attention to.

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