Apple Tree Supercolumn

Columns, or supercolumns, are trees that are planted to grow vertically, and their slim stature makes them a great selection for the borders in your garden, although you can plant them just about anywhere. Most fruit trees for sale include these types of trees, so all you have to do to be successful is learn a little bit about growing these trees properly, and this is a lot easier than you think. The companies that sell fruit trees in the UK can help you get started with your apple tree supercolumn, providing you with an opportunity to greatly complement the rest of your garden.

How They Grow

Because they are made to grow vertically, you only plant fruit trees supercolumns two feet apart. This is also the reason why you get so much product out of each of the trees you plant. Supercolumns are perfect as hedges or in rows in a mini orchard, and regardless of where you plant them, they look amazing every time. When you find these types of fruit trees for sale, you can rest easy knowing they are both easy to grow and easy to pick off the tree once they ripen, and their fruit is absolutely delicious whether you choose apples, pears, plums, or anything else.

Why Choose a Supercolumn?

Supercolumn fruit trees in the UK can be found in many different nurseries, and you don’t have to be intimidated by them because they really are easy to grow. All you have to do is choose the right root stock so that their shape and size can be maintained while they’re growing, and the apple trees can produce 30 or more full-sized fruits each and every year. Best of all, apple fruit trees supercolumns come in a wide variety of types, which means you can choose from Beauty of Bath, Fall Russet, or even Granny Smith apples and enjoy something you truly love in smaller form.

Supercolumns are great for anyone who has limited space but who still wants to enjoy fresh, juicy fruit year after year, and if you’re looking for these types of fruit trees for sale, all you have to do is visit and the rest is simple. Online, you can learn everything you need to know about supercolumns and even view full-colour photographs of the company’s inventory. Remember, in addition to apple supercolumns, you can choose from many other types of fruit as well.


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