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Stunning Bathroom Renovations brought to You by MW Homes


 For complete home and bathroom renovations, Melbourne residents trust MW Homes, prominent renovation experts based out of Melbourne. MW Homes is famed for the mesmerizing range of renovation ideas with which it prettifies bathrooms. It makes them look sparkling new, and at the same time, leaves no stone unturned in enhancing functionality and a sense of comfort in bathrooms.

MW Homes is a versatile renovations expert that designs, constructs, installs, and executes every project independently- be it a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or entire home renovation. It boasts of a team of gifted specialist renovators who are very aesthetically inclined and skilled at implementing creative ideas impeccably. The MW team believes in communicating and synergizing with clients right from inception to project completion. The objective is to deep dive into clients’ vision to know what they want, and translate it into reality. 

Why MW Homes Bathroom Renovations have an Edge

 MW Homes recognize the fact that the Bathroom Renovation’s is one’s own private space where one feels completely at ease. It is therefore important to design bathrooms the way clients want and simultaneously incorporate all fixtures and elements that are important. For that, irrespective of the size of the bathroom, the renovation team always pays undivided attention to the following factors:

  • Ergonomics

  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Suitability to facilitate necessary functions
  • Optimal space usage
  • Storage
  • High-quality finishing
  • Efficiency
  • Best quality and cost-effectiveness

Utmost care is taken by MW Homes to ensure that its 30 years of experience and award-winning streak are optimised for clients’ satisfaction. For that, it believes in having an open-door policy and unhindered communication with clients at every stage. It basically means understanding each requirement of the client, making them feel their ideas are valuable and going all out to execute them. The team at MW Homes synchronises with clients and operates in the following manner:

Listening appreciatively to each input provided by the client

Offering ideas and suggestions

Creating the right bathroom design

Simplifying things with single contact prompt quotations

Planning systematically and executing the idea as finalised


Bathroom Renovations Melbourne Homes are Adorned with, Courtesy MW Homes

Apart from confirming design and other aspects of bathroom design with clients, MW Homes discusses other relevant parts such as furnishings, fittings (faucets, basin, bathtub, etc.) and material for renovation with them. Maximum effort is taken to recreate what clients have in mind for their spaces. They are also guided throughout the renovation process with regards to what would suit them the most.  A decision is taken after due consultations and discussions. Problem areas, if any, are also taken up for discussion and solved as early as possible. It helps maintain quality and durability, which is something that not many clients may be aware of.

Another factor taken into account by MW Homes is the practicality of design and fittings in bathrooms for future use. The company also sticks to the budget specified by the client so they are not inconvenienced.  All efforts are made to keep the entire process open, honest and frank so as to win customers over.

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