Ash Wood For All Of Your Home Furniture Needs


The olive tree family consists of over 70 species from all around the world with which the Ash tree is a member of. White and black ash is highly coveted by the lumber industry and a popular wood for many projects. Ash trees can be found all over the world, making them one of the most popular species of trees.

White ash is highly desired due to its sapwood ranging in white to pale yellow colours and the heartwood colours ranging from light to medium brown. Ash furniture has become quite popular in furniture styles as it is much more affordable than oak. Ash furniture is just as stable and hardy as oak and is just as beautiful, at a much lower cost.



Ash has the benefits of being used in a wide variety of everyday products from tools, toys, and furniture. Black ash furniture for example, has the same density as black walnut, but it is softer than white ash. Black ash is one of the most popular woods involved in basketry as well as in furniture making. The layered characteristics of the wood make for stunning patterns in the furniture.

To make furniture and other items more cost effective, white ash is often substituted for oak. White ash and red oak have a similar grain texture and once they have been stained it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the two. This similarity to oak is what has made ash become so widely popular in creating traditional to modern styles of furniture. Ash has no odours at all which makes it the perfect choice in creating beautiful cooking utensils.

Highly Durable And Easy To Use

Ash is perhaps one of the most user-friendly woods for any type of project. Ash can be bent easily and handles screws and nails with the utmost of ease. The smooth finish allows for paints and stains to go on beautifully and adhere well. If you love to carve ash is perhaps one of the easiest woods to sand down and used to create with. With all these benefits and the ability to resist decay, one can easily see why ash is so popular.

Ash wood has been used for decades in homes around the world for its attractiveness, affordability, and durability. If you are planning on any type of wood crafting project or buying new furniture, ensure that you look into ash wood options.

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