What you can do to preserve your outdoor wood furniture


Wood is one of the go-to choices in materials for those who are looking to   buy furniture. With its durability and classic look, even makers of contemporary outdoor furniture use wood in their products. However, even the more durable types of wood like teak or acacia could still be a victim to harsh elements like the sun or the rain if left unprotected. Thus, owners should know their responsibility in taking care of their wood furniture. After all, it is a good investment that you can use for many years to come.

How can you protect your wood furniture?

The following could serve as guidelines on what you can do to protect your furniture.


1. Since contemporary outdoor furniture is meant to be used outside, it is always exposed to the elements as well as dirt build-up. Use a sponge soaked in water and soap to clean them off. This ensures that it won’t get dry and make it more difficult to remove. Rinse your furniture with running water and let it completely dry afterwards.

2. Apply waterproofing gel or wax made specifically for wood. Make sure that your furniture is completely dry before applying it, since waterproofing solutions tend to work best when used on dry surfaces. Apply it to a clean cloth first before rubbing it to the furniture and clean one section at a time. Use gloves while applying the waterproofing solution.

3. Use outdoor furniture covers when not in use or even when stored inside the house or garage during the rainy season. This further protects the furniture from moisture, on top of the protection provided by the waterproofing solution. They can be bought at local furniture stores, and are available in different sizes and prices.

4. If possible, store your wood furniture inside the house. Basements are usually damp and can cause mildew build-up.

5. Prohibit children from playing or jumping in your furniture. Since parts are mostly joined together by nails or screws, it may loosen up and destroy the furniture. This in turn may cause injuries if the furniture falls on your child. Regularly check if any screws or nails need to be replaced to prevent such accidents.

6. Apply varnish when the season comes to use it again. This will serve as a “retouch” for your wood furniture. It will continue to look good even if constantly exposed outdoors.

Contemporary outdoor furniture made of wood can be expensive, since great care is given by the maker to preserve the product. As the consumer, it is your job to continue preserving it. Make the best out of your investment in this classic furniture, as it can serve you for a long time with the right amount of care.

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