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Flat Roofing Is Used on a Large Number of Commercial Properties


If you need to re-roof your building with a flat roof, you will find that installation is streamlined and fast. Roofing companies today can build insulated warm flat roofs that conform to Building Control™ regulations.

Where Flat Roofs Are Installed

Besides commercial businesses, flat roofs are ideal coverings for the following structures:

  • Garages
  • Home extensions
  • Car ports
  • Dormers

Types of Flat Roof Products

You can select from a variety of flat roof products, including the following:

  • Firestone™ Rubbercover roofs
  • Felt roofs
  • Liquid rubber roofs
  • GRP or glass reinforced plastic roofing

A Fibreglass Roof

Roofing constructed of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is made of a material that is constructed with a polyester resin. The resin is supported by strand mat glass fibres. These fibres are employed to create a laminate. Therefore, the other name for a GRP flat roof is a fibreglass roof.

According to roofers in South Yorkshire, this type of roofing material generally lasts for about thirty years. The roof should be applied on a dry deck in dry weather. The temperature should not fall below 5 degrees Celsius during the application.

Actually, GRP is not a new material, as it was invented in 1938 by Russel Games. At that time, it was used for water containers or watercraft. Since its advent, GRP has been used in the construction industry often. The material is not only lightweight and sturdy, it also sheds water superbly and can be moulded in any form. That is why GRP makes a superior roofing material – one that will protect your structure for a long time.


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