If you have a long list of outdoor items that need to be stored before winter arrives, this usually means the shed is overflowing with garden furniture and equipment. While your garden shed is designed specifically for storage, there are a few slight alterations that can dramatically increase the amount of stuff you can store away.

  • Suitable Garden Shed – If your shed was purchased when you bought the house, it will no doubt be quite small, and by contacting the best shed company in Bolton, you can upgrade to something with more space. If you’re happy with your shed, then arranging things in the right places will give you maximum storage, and don’t forget to hang certain items, which makes good use of otherwise unoccupied space.
  • Racking and Shelving – Now is your chance to develop your carpentry skills by fitting racking and shelving in the right places, which will double your storage capacity overnight. Tools can be hung on the wall and there’s nothing wrong with hanging the mountain bike from the ceiling.
  • Old Furniture– If you have an old bathroom cabinet in the spare room, why not convert it into a storage cupboard for the shed. Give it a good clean and a coat of paint and this can be your central storage feature for tools and things like nails and screws.

With a little forethought and a helping of creativity, you can manage to store a lot more in your shed, and when spring arrives, you will be ready to start the gardening.

Ava Lazenby

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