After a long and exhausting moving day, the last thing you want to be doing is trying to figure out how much you should tip your movers. Knowing how much to tip professional movers can be tricky. After all, this probably isn’t something you do often.

All packed up and ready to relocate? Here’s an easy guide on tipping movers to help you prepare ahead of time.

Things to consider

  • Weather conditions

Moving is backbreaking work. Add severe weather conditions to that, and it becomes extremely difficult.

When tipping, consider the weather conditions on the day of your move. If it was freezing, icy, scorching, or particularly humid, you may want to add a bit extra to the tip.

  • The difficulty of the move

How big is your family, how much stuff did you move, and how far is your old home from your new one? Did you move a lot of big, bulky pieces? How many stairs are there in your new and your old home?

Some moves are just more difficult than others. You should acknowledge any extra work your movers had to do by tipping well.

  • Quality of service

Did your movers show up on time and finish the work on time? Did they handle your things with care? Were they meticulous about packing and moving fragile and valuable items?

Were they considerate and receptive to suggestions? Did they go the extra mile to ensure that moving day went off without a hitch?

If you were satisfied with the service provided by your movers, it’s a good idea to show your appreciation for their hard work by giving them a larger tip.

  • When you can skip the tip

While moving is a tough job, and you’ll obviously want to acknowledge that by tipping, there are situations when you can forego the tip.

Did your belongings arrive damaged because they were not handled properly? Did your movers arrive late and fail to offer an explanation? Were they rude, inconsiderate, or acted unprofessionally?

How much should you tip?

It’s a good idea to tip between 5 to 10 percent of the total cost of the move. For example, if your total moving bill is $4000, you can tip $200—$400 to be split up evenly among the people who helped you move.

You can also tip your movers individually, giving each person between $20 and $50 depending on the complexity of the move, your satisfaction with the service, how many movers were involved, and your budget. If your family is small, you didn’t move a lot of large pieces, and you relocated within a short distance, a tip of $20 per individual should be enough. If your move took an entire day, was long-distance, or involved carrying items up steep hills or numerous flights of stairs, $30 to $50 should suffice.

Make sure you have enough cash for tipping at the end of moving day. Ideally, place your gratuity in a small envelope and hand it to the foreman, asking that it be distributed among the movers. Good luck and happy moving day!

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