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How to Remove a Mature Tree in a Residential Environment

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Large trees can weigh several hundred tons, and while the tree surgeon might fell such a tree if it is in the middle of a field, it is not possible to fell a large tree this way if it is in a residential setting. A large beech tree, for example, would pose a great danger when removing, as its branches can easily crack, making it a very unpredictable and very dangerous operation.

Professional Solutions

By contacting experienced tree surgeons in Bristol, removing the tree is quite straightforward, and the operation would involve using a crane to lower major boughs and branches as they are removed. This slow, but sure, method of tree removal starts at the top, by removing large branches one at a time, with the crane gently lowering each branch onto the ground, or the bed of a waiting truck.

Tree Removal Team

Removing a mature tree requires a team of experts, and the work would include:

  • One tree surgeon who is up the tree, making cuts with a small chainsaw, after attaching them to a rope.
  • Crane operator.
  • People on the ground to ensure the area is free of people.
  • A team to cut up and remove branches as they are removed.

Removing the Stump

Removing a stump with traditional methods is very labour intensive and time-consuming, yet today we have stump grinding machines that grind the roots into fine sawdust, allowing for the entire root system to be removed.

If you have a mature tree that needs attention, call your local tree surgeon who will pay you a visit and make you aware of your options.











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