The floors inside your home can have a huge impact on the aesthetic of your home. Your floors make up a huge portion of a room’s surface area, and as a result they can really lift or lower the tone of a space. Although many people opt for practicality when it comes to flooring, choosing materials that are easier to clean or less likely to show up stains, with timber it is possible to have the best of both worlds.

The Benefits of Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is classic and timeless from a design perspective, providing a beautiful finish that is capable of complementing any room. Whereas carpets can wear out and become thin and drab, and laminate can look cheap and tacky, timber provides a high-class finish that will stand the test of time. Not only this, it is also hygienic and easy to clean. Whereas carpets are known to hang onto dust, dirt and stains, timber can be wiped down, mopped and swept with ease. This makes it a great choice for those with small children, as they will not run into bacteria when crawling on the floor. All of these factors truly make timber one of the best options when it comes to flooring.

A Versatile Material

Timber is one of the most versatile materials in the flooring world. Coming in a whole range of different grains, colours, washes and coatings, it is adaptable to pretty much any interior design scheme. With many different grades of timber available, it is possible to find an option to fit any price tag. Many of the cheaper options come with an increased level of knots and grains on show, which in many cases can add character. If you’re seeking a provider of Perth timber flooring, you can find suppliers who offer a whole range of board widths and grades which can be suited to any project.

Raw Solid Planks

When it comes to selecting the timber that is right for your home, there are a number of different options. Solid timber planks often come in a very raw condition and will need to be sanded, cut and finished when they are being installed. Although this can be more time-consuming than buying pre-finished boards, it is well worth it as they are one of the most durable flooring types on the market. Many people opt for a dark natural timber to result in a traditional look.

Pre-Finished Planks

If you prefer to go for something a little easier, then engineered floorboards are still a great option. These come pre-finished, with no need to sand, seal or finish on-site, making them quick and easy to install. They usually consist of a timber top layer mounted on a plywood base, making them a solid and stable flooring type. Popular right now as part of the “Scandinavian look” are light-washed floor boards with a grey or white finish.

If you’re stuck on what material to choose for your flooring, there’s no question that timber is the right way to go. This attractive material is timeless, both aesthetically and in its durability making it the perfect choice for any home.

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