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The Important Questions Every Homeowner Should Ask a Landscape Gardener


Finding a list of companies which provide landscape gardening services in the Perth area is easy enough, but finding the right one for your outdoor living project may prove to be a bit more difficult. Before you sign any contracts with a landscaping company, it is important that you receive thoughtful and reassuring responses to the six questions below.

Why Did You Enter into the Landscaping Business?

Some landscaping companies may have entered into this space because they enjoy running their own business while others love being outdoors and have a passion for creating gorgeous outdoor spaces. The reason behind why they do landscaping will give you an idea of how committed they will be to your project.


What Sort of Training Have You Had?

A lot of landscapers will have learned their trade through years of experience and practice. Many of them will have explored additional training to support their craft, while others may not have. Training is important, but the real indication of the quality of work they will provide will be revealed through their portfolio.

May I See Your Portfolio?

If the landscape gardener has a website, they will likely have a large portfolio online showcasing the beautiful outdoor living spaces they have designed and built for past clients. Before you become enamoured by the work they can produce, be logical about your approach when viewing their portfolio. Focus on projects which are be similar to what you will want to have done in your own backyard when assessing the quality of the landscaping artist’s work.

The Contract

Once you have narrowed your landscaping options down to a handful of potential companies, it is time to start discussing the contract. The contract you sign should cover a number of aspects of the job, including:

When Will You Start the Project and When Will It End?

It is important that you know exactly what day the landscaper will arrive and start getting down to work. The end date will likely be an estimated end date and may vary due to a number of factors, such as:

  • The weather;
  • The availability of contractors; and
  • Unforeseen issues which may arise.

What Work Is Included in the Cost?

Do not assume that mowing, weeding and post-project clean-up is included in your contract. Make sure that the contract is as detailed as possible so that your garden will meet your expectations. For example, if you want your fruit tree to be pruned back to a certain diameter, specify what that is in the contract.

What Is the Cost Breakdown?

Every service you are provided with will have a price tag attached to it. Ask about whether you are paying for the entire job or if you will be charged by the hour for the services. Be sure to include a “not to exceed” statement within the contract for each service so that you do not receive a large and unexpected bill at the end of the project.

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