Rubber Roofing

Leaking roofs are always an issue, and it can be very difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the leak in order to carry out repairs. Once you have repaired the leak, it won’t be long before another leak manages to develop, and the best solution for a leaking roof is to apply a single sheet of rubber over the entire roof.

Cold Application

Once the substrate has been prepared, the single sheep of special rubber is applied to the surface, and with no heat involved, the single sheet of rubber is carefully put into position and then it is sealed on all the edges, leaving you with a waterproof roof. Here are a few of the benefits a rubber roof offers:

  • Watertight Seal
  • Guaranteed for 20 years
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Can Be Applied to Flat and Pitched Roofs

Trimming and Edges

The finishing touches are the trimming and edges, which really make the installation look attractive, and by using an experienced rubber roofing company in Minehead, you can be sure of a first class installation.

Home Visit

If you would like a quote for rubber roofing, the supplier would likely offer to pay you a home visit, which would allow him to view the roof and calculate the cost. If you are at all worried that your roof would not be compatible with rubber roofing, it can be installed onto any substrate, even a thatched roof can benefit from rubber roofing.

For a roof that is guaranteed not to leak for 20 years, contact your nearest rubber roofing contractor today.

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