Look at Your Roof

The roof keeps out the worst of the weather, including wind, rain, snow, and sun. They keep us warm and comfortable in our homes but the problem is that every roof will develop issues due to exposure to the elements.

Knowing When You Have a Roof Problem

The good news is that 24-hour roofers in Gloucester can help you quickly if you have a roof issue. But how do you know when to call them? Here are some signs that you might have a roof problem that needs attention from the experts:

  • Physical Damage: If you have looked at your roof and have seen cracked or dislodged tiles or slates, this could be letting in the rain. Leave it long enough and it will cause other problems.
  • Water Damage: If rainwater is entering your roof and has been doing so for a while, you likely already have water damage somewhere in your home. If you see any black, brown, or grey spots on your ceilings, this is probably water that has leaked from the roof. You may also notice black mould and the musty smell of black mould.

Call Out the Experts

If you think that you have some roof damage that needs attention, don’t leave it for another day. When rain gets into the roof space, it can cause damage to electrical wiring, insulation, and wooden beams and structures. To save yourself some money in the long run, call out the local roofing experts.



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