When considering the best hardwood flooring options in London, budget of course plays a primary role as one would imagine.  Wood floor restoration is also a good option if you should seek to restore the old gloss and glow from when you first put in your wood floor.

Some people are overwhelmed at the plethora of wood flooring options, however, there’s no need for alarm on the information overload.  It’s just important to understand the difference between the materials and features. Budget is of course influential when it comes to hardwood or some Laminate flooring, parquet or parqueton.  Here are some advantages and disadvantages of hardwood and synthetic floors. Essentially the big difference between them is the nature of the material is natural wood parquet and laminate is synthetic, however there are many types of parquet, wood with different thicknesses and positioning systems.


Hardwood flooring -Laminate

Laminate consists of several layers, the last of which the wear layer is formed by a synthetic compound usually melamine at high pressure, which is printed a pattern imitating wood or other materials. A lot of different styles, shapes, colors and textures available in laminate flooring; there are imitations of natural wood, and stone or ceramic. The total thickness of the piece is usually between 7 and 12 mm. It is simple to install, easy to maintain and, above all, the price is affordable.

Another advantage of laminate flooring is that depending on your qualification is valid for specific locations, the “overlay” or top layer is conferred resistance, below it the film is placed with the stamped image and base MDF, category AC 1 to 5 and an AC2 series of low resistance and very light traffic while BC 5 could be for a bath or a place with high traffic, that does not mean it can be wet all day but rather resist moisture.  For proven experts in top quality wood floor restoration and hard wood flooring.   Price wise, obviously, is a function of several factors, the resistance of the topsoil to scratches and wear from the movement of people, AC-1 (less resistant) to AC-5 (the strongest ).

As for the quality, laminate flooring must take into account other factors, such as appearance, surface finish, the connection system, additional features (texture, scarf joints, extra layers of paper that provide greater resistance to shock and brands , antistatic, type of center stack (waterproof, with tabs protected against humidity), etc. However on “equal terms” laminate flooring, it will always be cheaper than wooden parquet.

Hard wood Flooring

Hard wood is obviously attractive for several reasons.  There are numerous options available to you.  Hard wood options are thicker. It usually has a thickness of between 10 and 16 mm, so it can be sanded and varnished several times.  It offers great resistance from marks, scratches or aging, since it is hardwood, parquet can be brushed increasing thus its durability and can maintain their appearance as the first day.

Now, you have to consider that undercutting of parquet wears around 1-2 mm, which after 4 treatments, practically you will “eaten” wood parquet, but it is also true that there are many good materials and for durable finishes. It is obvious to think that is not the same place on the floor of a shop in a mall.  It will be important to assess exposure to increased wear and tear.

Regarding the placement of laminate flooring and parquet, it depends on the type, brand, tongue and groove, etc, but it is very similar, and in both cases it is necessary to arrange it on a flat surface. Wood floor installation and hardwood flooring in a very affordable price is but a click away.

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