Your garden is a backyard oasis — a place of sanctuary that you work and relax in. Make it a showpiece that everyone will love to get lost in by adding beautiful accents such as water features, benches and accents to delight the senses. Add beauty to your garden in a variety of ways and you’ll increase its timeless, appealing allure.



Who doesn’t like the serene sound of trickling water? Add more zen to your outdoor oasis with the strategic use of water features. With a garden that has a backdrop of flowing water, you’ll be amazed at how hypnotic the space can get. HGTV says to ditch the boring and go with a bold, eye-catching color such as orange or blue, highlighted by a bamboo spout to complement the natural surroundings. Add in some water lilies as well to keep the temperature regular and combat the growth of algae. If you’re unwilling to go the full-on fountain route with pumps and filters, take the easy way out and fill several small pots with water, adding decorative stones and water plants for effect. Place stepping stones across a pond for a whimsical feel. If you’ve got some cracked or broken ceramic pieces you’ve been trying to find a use for, glue them in a mosaic pattern onto small and large flower pots for a gorgeous effect.


No matter what type of bench you use in your garden, you should provide a dry, stable footing on which it can rest, such as an existing patio, gravel bed or paving stones, advises Better Homes and Gardens. For the ultimate in functionality, incorporate a bench that doubles as a storage unit for your gardening supplies and outdoor seasonal decor. If you are trying to stay away from the wood look, try some stacked cement blocks and capstones, adding a durable, woodsy quality to the surrounding area. For a bit of shade, place your bench under a pergola complete with vines and seasonal floral accents. Add decorative garden accents like ceramic kids, fairies and frogs to the mix but give them a weathered look through application of an aged faux finish.

Walkways and Flowers:

Encourage guests to explore your garden with a meandering cobblestone or flagstone walkway. Go for a rustic, natural look by placing the stones haphazardly. Add a small wrought iron table and chair for relaxing with some lunch and lemonade on a warm spring day. For gardens on a hillside incline, a few steps made out of stone can guide visitors to the garden, with a welcome of spruce evergreens flanking the sides. Potted plants placed strategically throughout the garden can add further dimension and texture. Just be sure to reign it in and not go overboard. Line walkways with plants, wildflowers and hedges to add greenery and definition. Better Homes and Gardens advises giving your garden a contemporary look by breaking it up into sections that flow. Colorful flower beds punctuated on either side of a walkway and in some corners of the yard offset by green grass can provide various points of interest as well as a unique design that does not feel overwhelming.

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